Please view our permits and accreditations below.


CLIA Certificate (Cambridge)

CLIA Certificate (RTP)

CLIA Certificate (San Diego)


CAP Certificate (Cambridge)

CAP Certificate (RTP)

ISO 15189:2012

ISO 15189:2012 Certificate (Cambridge)

ISO 15189:2012 Certificate (RTP)

New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH):

NYSDOH Permit (Cambridge)


California Department of Public Health:

CA License (Cambridge)

CA License (RTP)

CA License (San Diego)

Maryland Department of Health:

MD License (Cambridge)

MD License (RTP)

Massachusetts Department of Public Health:

MA License (Cambridge)

Pennsylvania Department of Public Health:

PA License (Cambridge)

PA License (RTP)

Rhode Island Department of Health:

RI License (Cambridge)

RI License (RTP)

Washington DC Health:

Washington DC (RTP)

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