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Our Story

We believe that the more we know about cancer’s molecular underpinnings, the faster we can transform cancer care for patients.

Who We Are

Shaping the Future of Cancer Care

We are committed to advancing patient care by offering a proven portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling products that help physicians make more informed care decisions. 

Through constant innovation in molecular insights, we are dedicated to working with our partners to deliver breakthroughs that improve outcomes for more individuals living with cancer and bringing them to routine cancer care every day. That’s why we foster a collaborative culture that motivates us to do our best work and be a partner in every patient's journey. 

Our approach offers not just test results, but high quality insights that can help doctors match patients to more treatment options and help accelerate the development of new therapies. 

What We Do

An Ecosystem of Care

Cultivating an Ecosystem of Partners

Behind everything we do at Foundation Medicine is a simple question: What’s next? Every insight we gain towards better cancer care is multiplied by a hyper-connected network of physicians, biopharma companies, researchers, patient advocacy organizations and world-leading medical centers.

Together, we are transforming cancer care by:

  • pioneering advancements in cancer genomics and bringing them to routine cancer care every day. 

  • working to make comprehensive genomic profiling the global standard of care.

  • being committed to ensuring that testing occurs as a first step in clinical care, offering not just data, but high quality insights to help patients and physicians make decisions.

Better Care Today

Support Services: Offering patient assistance services for qualifying patients, decision support tools, and more

Genomic Testing with Actionable Options: Offering a proven portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling tests to deliver insights across a broad range of cancer types

Personalized Treatment Decisions: Matching patients to targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trial options

Better Care Tomorrow

Clinical Trial Design, Support and Screening: Helping biopharma run faster, more efficient trials 

Data Analysis Tools: Uncovering new insights to help accelerate biomarker research and drug development 

Target Discovery and Market Launch Support: Partnering with the biopharma industry to help them discover, develop, and distribute the next breakthrough treatments for patients 

Better Care Together

Partnerships: Collaborating with patient advocacy groups, the world’s leading medical centers, and researchers to transform cancer care 

Molecular Data Research Initiatives: The precision of our tests goes beyond technology—we’re empowering researchers to generate new connections and insights that impact patient care

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Our History

Foundation Medicine began with an idea — to simplify the complex nature of cancer genomics, bringing cutting-edge science and technology to everyday cancer care. That idea has evolved into products and services that empower the work and research of physicians, researchers, and all those engaged in the fight against cancer. But our mission remains and continues to drive us forward in our long-standing commitment to deliver new breakthroughs that rapidly advance personalized medicine for people living with cancer around the world. 

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We know what’s next because, at Foundation Medicine, we’re the ones creating it.

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