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Making Cancer Care More Equitable with Diagnostics

Genomic Ancestry Research

We partner with researchers across the globe to conduct retrospective studies leveraging our unique cancer dataset to understand if there are biological differences by ancestry that can help to design more personalized approaches to care in the future. Our large and diverse datasets help guide patients and physicians to more accurate diagnostics and targeted clinical trials across all genomic ancestral populations. See our recent research

Call for Grants Notification

Foundation Medicine issued a formal Call for Grants Notification (CGN) in Q4 2022. The CGN sought projects/initiatives aimed at increasing biomarker testing education, awareness, and access among underserved populations in the U.S. LUNGevity Foundation and Moffitt Cancer Center were selected to receive the grant and will be using the funds to develop patient-friendly educational materials that provide accurate and balanced information about personalized healthcare and genomic testing.

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